Hello! Welcome
to Ailadi’s land :-)


About me

I’m italian, I lived in Milan, Cologne, Paris, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong and am now based in the french countryside.

Here you saw a little selection of my illustration work but please, get in touch if you want to see more :) I like to use and mix different technique & media: vector, text-mode, paint, ink, colored clay, papercut, textile, GIFs.

I perform live text-mode petscii visual in a duo as PET.CORP. Sometimes we exhibit the state-of-the-art of our ongoing experimentations with petscii. 

I ︎ constraints.

Here you can see some other projects of mine, not based on visual.

Before setting up my own company in HK, I worked 5+ years at frog as Senior Visual Designer.

Some clients I worked for:
Frame, Abitare, Design Mind, Frog, UNHCR Innovation Service, SSIR, Protein, Giphy, Arduino, Domus Academy, Newronika, SapientRazorfish, RGA, Pocky, Landor.
UNHCR (Pg. 17) / Threadless / It’s Nice ThatViceVoicer 

Live at Pukkelpop
Live VJ performance as Pet.Corp with Goto80 at SEC-T, Stockholm 
Exhibition and live performance as PET.CORP at Année Zéro, Bernay, France

To the street, collettive exhibition, at Printed Matters, New York
The Shanghairen, collettive exhibition at Hongqiao airport, Shanghai

PET.CORP live at OFFLIMITS, Hong Kong
The Shanghairen, collective exhibition at Graphic Days in Turin, Italy
PET.CORP at File Festival @LED Show, São Paulo
PET.CORP + GOTO80, Exhibition at Spaceblanket, Hong Kong

PET.CORP live Visuals for at Tiefengrund, Frankfurt, Germany
Lrrlmovement at Clockenflap within Neuromancer organized by Videotage
Lrrlmovement collective exhibition as PET.CORP at Videotage, Hong Kong
PET.CORP live Visuals at Pulsewave, New York, US
Spring 2018 SFPC Showcase, New York, US
Latitud 31º12', Santiago, Chile

Artists for Smiling Gecko Presentation, Landesmuseum in Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Party Animal as PET.CORP @ Tokyo Demo Fest 2017

GIF exhibition @ theGIFER, Turin
Live PETSCII VJ with Sidabitball at Social Room
Future Laws at Brew & Blend, M50, Shanghai, China
Comic Sound at Echo Park Festival, Shanghai, China

Inflatable sculpture exhibited at KTGA Winter Fest, Hubin Dao, Shanghai, China
Prime Cut Pillows performed at Echo Park Festival, Shanghai, China
Talk at Tasmeem Art & Design Biennale, Doha, Qatar
Face painted people at Tasmeem VCU Doha, Qatar
“Le immagini della fantasia” 32º Edition, Sarmede, Monza, Lentate Seveso, Italy
iPool, Let's communicate the future Glossom Group Exhibition at P46 Gallery, Camogli, Italy

Featured Artist DAFF FALL, Shanghai, China
Secret-7, Group Exhibition at Downstairs at Mother, London, UK
Live canvas performance at KTGA Winter Fest, Shanghai, China

Broken Principles, I'll be your mirror Group Exhibition at OV Gallery, M50, Shanghai, China
Cronopios, Absurdistan Group Exhibition at OV Gallery, M50, Shanghai, China

Night Drops Personal Exhibition at Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Contemporaneità del tutto, Group Exhibition at Passagen Fair, Cologne, Germany
Personal Exhibition at St.Regis, Bangkok, Thailand